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Granny Extreme Mode Full Gameplay

Another awesome update for Granny just came out. The update includes more places to search, more items to find, two extra locks on the main door(Extreme mode only) and biggest highlight of the update is the new Extreme Mode. In extreme mode, Granny moves faster than the player which means Granny is more likely to catch the player if she see it. The tranquilizer is not a big help anymore because it will take out Granny only for 15 seconds.

Also there is a teddy bear that makes Granny angry and can turn her eyes into red whenever the player holds the teddy. What makes it more interesting is the appearance of Slendrina if you put the teddy in the baby crib. Granny is growing and becoming more popular horror game with the updates and mysteries of Slendrina.

Granny Bigger House Full Gameplay

Granny a game from DVloper just got updated with cool stuff like the house get bigger, an easy mode, added some objects and coolest part of the update is now you can put Granny to sleep. It’s really cool and funny to shoot Granny with tranquilizer dart using a crossbow. With this update everyone will a bigger chance to beat Granny.

Using tranquilizer dart you can put Granny to sleep for 1 minute in normal mode and two minutes for easy mode. What is good in easy mode is that Granny moves slower and no more creaking floors. Also in this update Granny’s eyes became more brighter and her skin color became deeply brown. For free and safe download of all versions of Granny click here.

Granny Full Gameplay

Granny is the new game from DVloper which is released on 24th of november. This game is not related to the popular Slendrina Series games even though Granny looks like Slendrina’s mother. The main objective of the game is to find the keys, hammer, key code and cutting wires to unlock the exit door and leave the house while trying to avoid Granny.

Granny is crazy and will beat the hell out of you if she caughts you, she hits you and knock you out using a bloody bat. Hide in wardrobes or under beds and try to escape from Granny because you only have five days or die.

Eyes The Horror Game – Hospital

Free indie horror game which takes place in an abandoned haunted house.

Search an old, abandoned house and collect any valuables but be careful – there are rumors of a ghost haunting the building. Experience fear and deep horrifying atmosphere.

Top 20 Shoutouts With Slendrina’s Husband

This shoutout video was dedecated to all viewers and subscribers of Vividplays Channel. The shoutout video reveals the #20 to the #1 viewer of Vividplays Channel base on the last four months engagements. Watch the video if you are one of the lucky who got shouted and enjoy the Top 20 countdown.

Slendrina The Cellar vs SMD Asylum

Slendrina The Cellar vs Slendrina Must Die The Asylum is a gameplay battle between this two horror games. With Slendrina The Cellar you have to find 8 books while trying to escape from Slendrina by turning back as soon as you see her with a very scary jumpscares hanging around. With Slendrina Must Die The Asylum you need to find 8 medical books while fighting Slendrina and her mom using weapons like knife, pistol, shotgun and grenades. So are you with a horror escape game Slendrina or a horror shooter game Slendrina???